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Hiking tours


We offer our guided hikes in the southern area of Sardinia, the hinterland around Cagliari with the Sulcis mountains and the Costa del Sud. Meeting points for all hikes are Villa San Pietro, Pula, Domus de Maria, Poggio di Pini or elsewhere, if arranged previously, and we will then drive together to the starting points for our hike.


Year round, with the exception of July and August – during those months, it's too hot to go hiking here in Sardinia. We offer half-day and full-day tours.

We will show you the beauty of this wild, untouched landscape in small groups of no more than 10-12 people, led by our experienced German guides, all of whom are familiar with the locality. We don't have a minimum number of participants, we'll go in any case, as far as the weather allows.


This beautiful landscape shows us a different side each season: a sea of yellow in spring, thanks to blossoming mimosas and gorse, after that the light pink of the rock roses shines through, white tree heath or purple lavender also, accompanied by bubbling streams and small waterfalls.

From June onwards, the water almost completely vanishes and a sea of pink oleander blossoms appears in the riverbeds, as far as the eye can see.

During the summer, the green tones of the forests remain, with old cork and oak trees, juniper and olive trees. During autumn then, the bright yellow, orange and red fruits of the corbezzolo bring colour into the woods. During winter, after the first rains, comes new green, with clover with yellow blossoms, rosemary, cyclamen or asfodill.

The commanding rock formations, gorges with rock walls of up to 1000 m height and the stunning panoramic views are a treat all year round.

Come and experience the Sulcis with us.

Pure nature


We will hike in the areas of the Palaceris, Lilloni Tals, Is Cannoneris or onto the Monte Santu, on gently sloping forest paths in the valleys along the creeks and through the enchanted forests of the Monti Nieddu, the Sardinian black forest. And all this, only a few kilometres from the coast.

You can find a description of our difficulty levels here: Good to know

eep into the gorges

We will hike into the gorges of the Palaceris, the Canale Is Canargius or the Is Cioffus, only a few kilometres from the coast. Over small paths and forest roads with short, steep ascents and along the creeks deep into the gorge. Here, the paths aren't always continuous and go over rocky parts, so a certain amount of sure-footedness is needed.

You can find a description of our difficulty levels here: Good to know

Mountains, Sea and more

ike with sea and mountain views

On forest roads, we climb the peaks of the Sulcis and enjoy the views towards the sea and the never-ending Sulcis mountain range. We immerse ourselves in nature, and, with a bit of luck, we might see Sardinian deer, wild boar tracks, foxes and other animals small and large. In any case, this hike is all about the variety of nature, and stunning views.

You can find a description of our difficulty levels here: Good to know

onumental mountains

These hikes have it all. We will climb the peaks using sometimes pretty steep ascents, and are rewarded with stunning panoramic views of the entire south, with its coastline and varied mountain landscapes. We can see into the steep gorges from above, and we will hike back through some of these gorges. We will walk exposed paths and narrow paths alongside slopes, so it's important that you have a head for heights and are sure-footed.

You can find a description of our difficulty levels here: Good to know

Discovery tours for families

reeks and gorges

Even the drive to the starting point is fun on this hike – the car journey leads us through fords, before we park the car and start walking. With short distances through forests, over small, stony paths and along bubbling streams, these hikes are ideal for kids, too. Long breaks at unbeatable natural adventure playgrounds leave enough room for playing – to make hiking fun for all the family.

You can find a description of our difficulty levels here: Good to know

ountain discoveries

After a relatively short, but steep ascent on forest and rock paths, we reach the summit and can find, alongside stunning views, the wreckage of a crashed plane. Or maybe we take the car up high into the magical forests of the Is Cannoneris. With a bit of luck, we'll meet a few deer while we're having our picnic. Another great hike is along the coast, when you can jump into the sea ever so often.

You can find a description of our difficulty levels here: Good to know

Individual hikes

ou're looking for a hike that's custom-made for you and your group?  - No problem.

We can offer hikes of every duration and difficulty level (no rock climbing!), and also customize the other extras like a picnic or restaurant visit with typical Sardinian food, whatever you are looking for. 

Do you want to experience mountain summits and the view from the top, but you don't want to, or cannot, hike all the way up? Not to worry. We can offer a tour by car with a short walk on the summit.

Whatever you're looking for, just ask. Contact form

We can also organize tours in other regions on Sardinia.

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