We want to provide new and unforgettable experiences in Sardinia's hinterland through secretu.SARDU.

And in the summer we’ll go on a sailing trip along the coastline and enjoy bathing stops in the bays, and look back at the packed beaches.

Holidays in Sardinia are all about relaxing at the beaches and the sea, in cafés, drinking aperitifs, fine wines, and enjoying the atmosphere on the Piazza. Go a step further and enrich your experience with impressions of untouched, original and energetically rich natural beauty.

Performance (faster, higher, further) isn't what's primarily important to us – we care about experiencing nature at its purest, enjoying the silence, wild beauty and power of this landscape.

Of course we don't say no to an aperitif, or a good meal at the end of a beautiful hike.

And in the summer, when it’s too hot to go hiking, we’ll go on a sailing trip along the coastline and enjoy bathing stops in the bays, and look back at the packed beaches.

Let's go, or Ajo! as they say here in Sardinia.

Hiking and Sailing in Sardinia’s South

Guided hiking tours

Monte Ninnixeddu and Monte Santu: The mountains in the front row with sea views spanning the entire bay of Cagliari (Golfo degli Angeli) and the flatlands in Pula to S. Margherita di Pula and Chia ----- and mountain views across the Sulcis mountains with the Pta. Sebera, Pta. Maxima and the Monti Nieddu

Valleys and Gorges: Narrow gorges, some of them flanked by high rock walls, waterfalls and beautiful creeks amidst the untouched Macchia of the Mediterranean - we enjoy the untouched nature and the silence.

Excursions, and getting to know Sardinia’s South

Excursions with the 4WD jeep and for families with Children: Even getting there is fun - and without much of a hike, we get to the mostly unknown mountain range of the Sulcis, only a few kilometres away from the well-known holiday spots in Sardinia’s Southern region. We discover the country and the people, and a whole new Sardinia.

Sailing trips

Sailing trips: Come sailing with us on our sailing yacht, and enjoy the beautiful sea, crystal clear waters and get a glimpse of Sardinia’s south coast and the stunning bays there - and you don’t even need to know anything about sailing.

Enjoy with us special events like MUIDAS

Discover the wonderful nature all over the year

The nature from January to March

The nature from April to June

The nature from July to September

The nature from October to December

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